Cleaninglady was rich for 5 years

Created on Thursday, 09 February 2012

juwelen-photo-fbfIn 2006 , a cleaninglady of a hotel in The Haque(Netherlands) found a velvet bag with some jewelry.
What they and the hotel did not know was that the jewels belonged to the wife of the then ambassador of the United States in the Netherlands.
After the discovery she went to the staff and they placed it in the lost and found box of the hotel. , where the jewelry stayed till six months later and then was distributed among the staff.
The cleaninglady took her honestly found velvet bag with contents back home.
5 Years later, she took the jewelry to the jeweler, because she was curious what the jewels were worth.
The jeweler's mouth fell open off astonishment because the 5-carat pink diamond in one of the chains was worth 4 million euros and the other jewels he estimated at a further 3 million. He never seen such valuable jewelry before.
She went with the  expensive jewelry to the police. Who found a declaration of July 2006, when the wife of an ambassador reported the missing of her jewelry.
the ambassador wife allready received her insurance money after the report.
The insurance compagny received the jewelry from the police.
Unfortunately, the honest finder will not receive nothing of this, she will not benefit of the 10% finders fee what is a law in the netherlands.

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