Mysterious icecircles

Created on Thursday, 09 February 2012

sneeuwcirkels Marvin WillemsenMysterious perfectly round circles on the ice, appeared in several ponds of the Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem (netherlands) .
The employees of the museum assure the public that this is not a hoax created by them.
Wim Zikkenheimer, meteorologist at the weather service Meteo Consult, reported that this isn't a joke after studying the photos.
Not all of his colleagues however, agree with him.
Lately the weather service gets to see more pictures of bizarre ice forms on the water. Usually those are seen as it just starts to freeze, not when there is already a layer of ice.
The circles are no longer there according to the museum, they were there till 2 februari but then dissapeared due to new snow fall.

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