Hells Angels clubhouse possible new location

Created on Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Landsmeer,The Netherlands

hellsangelIn 'Landsmeer',there is alot of commotion, a former dutch reformed church could possibly be the new clubhouse of the Hells Angels.
The Angels, who had to leave their clubhouse in Amsterdam, wanted to buy the picturesque church, according to a local paper of Landsmeer.landsmeerkerk.foto parool
Currently, the church is only used for weddings.
'Stadsherstel Amsterdam', the foundation who owns the church would neither confirm or deny that the Hells Angel are interested in buying the church, but it states there is 'a motorclub' who is interested.
The Hells Angels had some spots in mind in 'Diemen', after they had to leave their old clubhouse in Amsterdam. But the mayor of 'Diemen' didn't want them there.
It seems that the Hells Angels will be homeless for a while.

But why is there so much commotion about the Hells Angels and why is no one so eager to let them settle in their community?
- Maybe it is because the Angels are so much related with criminal activities.
In the last 3 years the police had at least 40 criminal investigations concerning members of motorcycle clubs. The ivestigations were associated with intimidation, extortion, violence and firearms.

Recently they arrested a member of the Hells Angels. They called him 'Sergeant of arms', he was arrested on suspicion of trafficking in firearms and hard and soft drugs, the proscecution stated.
When the police searched five houses and a garage in 'Amersfoort' and 'Putten' they found 20 weapons, like two rifles, two revolvers, eight pistols, a shock weapon, brass knuckles and loads of ammunition.
Besides the 52-year-old Hells Angel, two men (52 and 48 years) and two women (50 and 41 years) from 'Amersfoort' and 'Putten' were arrested. In their homes the police found approximately 130 grams of cocaine, a bag with 100 ecstasy pills, 250 grams of amphetamine and a pound of Cannabis.

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