Hey, hey Mister Postman

Created on Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


A 24 year old postman, was kicked an beaten by a man because he put the wrong post in the mailbox.
Off course, you don't want the loveletters of your neighbour in your mailbox.
The postman was approached by the angry man, because he was not pleased with the post sorting of another postman.
When the postman tried to calm the man down, he got hit in the face.
The 19 year old son of the angry man came running out of a porch and shouted:'what are you doing with my father!!' 
The son did a parody of Bruce Lee, complete with sounds and hand movements as he probably has seen in the movies, and kicked the postman.
Ok, this was too much force for the postman and he took of, and called the police.
The strong arm of the police wasn't impressed about the martial arts of both and arrested them.
The man and his son claimed that the postman kicked their car, what should explain their aggresive approach.

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