Shoe as evidence

Created on Monday, 16 April 2012

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

shoe as evidenceThe police arrested a man twice for two cases of burglary. The second time they caught the man the police had a shoe as evidence. The first burglary the 22 year old man tried to break in some garage facilities , the police caught him hiding in the bushes nearby. He was arrested and brought to the policestation where adter interrogation he was allowed to leave.

Later that morning the police received a call of a man who tried to steal cigarettes out of a snackbar, the man managed to escape but lost his left shoe. The left shoe was familiar for the police for it belonged to the 22 year old man. When the police went to the house of the man to see if he is missing a shoe, he was not home.

Later they arrested the man and his right shoe was seized, the man is locked up for further investigation.


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