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Created on Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Netherlands

Wilders Marked for Death foto ANPGeert Wilders is a politician from the political party PVV, with his comments on society and Islam he has caused alot of commotion in The Netherlands. Wilders wrote some books too, like Fitna in 2009 and Ground Zero Moskee in 2010. His latest book is "Marked for Death, Islam's war against the West".

Although it is officially published on May 1, there were allready some copies available at a Washington Bookstore. It also can be Pre ordered online.

In this book he calls out for the Americans to resist the Islam.

It is almost a Summary how Wilders could grown into what he is now, with all his political ideas. Although the times he goes personal , are scares. Just one time he became personal when he writes about the dead of his father in 2005. He wrote that he could not stay in the house where his father was dying because he had to go to the hiding place. On his way to the shelter he cried alot, and his Body guards did not know how to handle this situation. "They are Good guys, but still strangers"

The book is focussed on the American market. He has no good words for Israel, and he makes a enormous  snere to President Obama.

Wilders wrote how his life drastically changed after the murder on Theo Van Gogh. Two days after the murder he was placed under protection of heavy armed soldiers with bullet proof clothes on. He and his wife were brought to an icecold room, which contained only two chairs and two beds.

About his shelter/hiding place Wilders wrote that it is a bullitproof environment, and that there is a "Panicroom"in case some of the folllowers of the "religion of peace" are able to pass his guards.

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