Shop owner shot

Created on Sunday, 29 April 2012

Den Haag, the Netherlands

criminals shoot shop ownerThe police received 95 tips concerning the violent robbery on a jewelers store in The Haque, where the 47 year old owner was shot. The proscecuter in The haque offered a award of 15.000 euro for tips that lead to the arrest of the perpetrators. The police put twice as much detectives on the case.

Today flyers were handed out and billboards will be made. "We will do anything to catch to catch these cold hearted criminals", the police said.

A woman who was so emotional hurt through this dramatic incident, offered an extra amount of 5000 euro for the "golden tip"wich will lead to the arrest of the criminals.

Two man, robbed the jeweler on wednesday, in his shop . On images of the security camera is seen how the two men enter, and behave as regular customers. They were lookin at jewels which were displayed on the counter. Moments later they grabbed a gun and pointed at the owner. The images that they shot the owner is not shown on television and internet. The jeweler was shot and died in the hospital later that day.

Images of the security camera were released and the detectiveteam expects to get more information about the indentification and whereabouts of the two men.


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