Queensday 2012

Created on Monday, 30 April 2012

As every year the Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix celebrated Queensday. And this year the location was Rhenen and Veenendaal
queensday 2012About 65.000 people were standing along the routes the Queen and her royal family visited. 20 000 attended the festivities in Rhenen and 45.000 in Veenendaal.

In Rhenen the royals walked an hour and half through the historical city, where they met the inhabitants of the Ouwehands dierenpark( zoo), not real animals off course, but children dressed as animals.
And of course there were games, very old tradition like games, like Toilet bowl throwing, a game where you grab a toiletbowl , and swing it through the air, even Prince Willem Alexander threw one.
The Queen and her royal compagny left the town through "de Westpoort", a replica of a towns gate out of the 17th century.

In Veenendaal the people were as enthiousiastic as in Rhenen. Almost 500 children were singing when the Queen entered the city.
During her walk the Royals could see old traditional crafts like sheep shearing and making cigars. As Veenendaal wanted to profile itself as a modern and enterprising city, they
led the Royals past a self powered generating playground.

The Queen said that the visit to these city's gave her and the royals a fabelous and wonderfull day, although she regrets that her family was not complete.
She referred to the fact that her son Prince Friso is still in coma and stayed in a clinic in London.
"All the love, good wishes what we felt and seen today we will pass through, "the Queen said.


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