netherlands wants to sell tanks to Indonesia

Created on Tuesday, 08 May 2012

The Netherlands

tankThe dutch government wants to  supply Indonesia with tanks.
The sell of the Leopald tanks will give the government a expected 200 million Euro.
This motion is not presented to the house yet, and there is a change that the house won't agree with the plan.

Arjan Al Fassed ( Groen Links) is saying that this transaction would be against the Humanrights policy for the tanks could be used
against the rebels in papoea-New-Gunea.
"The Indonesian army is violating humanrights, the government must not participate inthis," Al Fassed said.

Minister Hillen ) is the driving force behind the proposed transaction. He must cut one billion euros. Part of it may be financed by selling stock. Netherlands wants to divest all tanks.

"If netherlands does not sully tanks , Germany will,"experts of defence say.
The selling of tanks to Indonesia is according to them not violating the European rules for weapons export.

In the Indonesian parlement there were also protest against buying the tanks, partly because the tanks were not suitable.
Recently the Indonesian ministery of defence announced they were buying more Russian made, lightweighted, more suitable tanks .

Indonesia is upgrading their military force, huge amounts of money is spend on this.


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