Commotion in Oude Pekela at Asylum seeker Center

Created on Tuesday, 08 May 2012

The Netherlands

politie2A group of 150 people out Oude pekela (Groningen) caused alot of commotion at a center for asylumseekers.

Cause of this would be a fight with youngsters at a local carnival and people from the center. 40 youngsters out of the group wanted to get acces to the center. On Liberation day ( May, 5), there was a fight between asylumseekers and minor residents of Oude Pekela. Since then there is alot of tension between the asylumseekers and the residents of Oude pekela. According the police they had to keep the crowd away from the center with policedogs and an extra policeforce. The people of the Asylum center were called names and a window was thrown in with a stone.

The police was prepared because the "Taking Revenge" call was announced on the Social media.


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