Ripdeal killed 22 year old

Created on Tuesday, 08 May 2012

Schiemond, The Netherlands

AnthonyThe 22 year old Anthony Fernandes, was killed Saturdaynight in Schiemond by two masked man. He was shot from close range by multiple bullits, 4 of teh bullits went through his head. According some people the shooting was due to a drugs fight. Anthony who was not a hardened criminal, was envolved in a ripdeal, he stole drugs without paying for it. This could have sealed his faith.

Fatima, the mother of Anthony can not imagine what happened to her the last days, her son was shot and Jorge, her brother killed himself a day after.

"The death of Anthony was too much for him, Jorge was very instable. I thought he was in his room at my place, but when i noticed his room was empty, I knew he was not there anymore."the mother said.


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