Perpetrator Milly boele appeal against 18 years sentence

Created on Tuesday, 08 May 2012

den haag, The Netherlands

Milly BoeleThe murder of the 12 year old girl Milly Boele out Dordrecht will be in the court of Den haag today. The perpetrator Sander V., as the public prosecutor will appeal against the 18 years and hospital order with compulsory treatment wich was imposed by the court in Dordrecht in November 2010 .

Milly Boele dissapeared on March 10, and was found later that day in the garden of Sander V. Sander V. who was an policeofficer, is convicted for murder, but the court said that there was not enough evidence that Milly was also sexually abused. The public prosecutor will accuse him of sexual abuse in this case.

However, the court sentenced V. for assault, deprivation of liberty and burying her body in his backyard. The prosecution demanded then 25 years in prison and hospital. Today there will be several experts in court who will tell about the personality and the cannabis use of the suspect. In November 2010 Sander V. said that he could not remember what happened .

Milly Boule dissapeared right after she was on the phone with her mother. In that phonecall she mentioned that a neighbour was at the frontdoor. Sander v would have rined the doorbell and lured Milly to his house. There he touched her en strangled her with a belt. The body of Milly was found several hours after sander V. turned himself in.


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