Water treatment with Nerada technology first in the Netherlands

Created on Tuesday, 08 May 2012

Epe, The Netherlands

waterFor the first time in a century, the Netherlands will be using a different technology to treat waste water. Epe on the Veluwe will be the first in the world to do this.
On Tuesday Prince Willem Alexander will open  the new wastewater treatment based on the so-called Nereda technology in Epe.

The technology was invented by TU in Delft and further developed by the university, engineering company DHV .
Nereda (named after the daughter of the Greek water god Nereus) is a granular sludge. The grains are full of water purifying bacteria domestic wastewater to four times faster than traditional cleaning techniques.

The whole process of water purification with the granular sludge takes place in one tank , instead of pumping the water through the whole wastewater treatment plant.
 "The world is watching how we do this. It is a true sustainable innovation, "said a spokesman of the water region in the Veluwe, owner of the refinery in Epe.


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