BabyBloom Benjamin Kangaroo Sweater as new incubator

Created on Wednesday, 16 May 2012

altThe Maxima medical center in Veldhoven is using the kangaroo sweater for early born baby's as of today. This way the parents can function as incubators themself. If using the kangaroo sweater(also known as Kangorooing or Bagging) the baby is on the skin of the parents, providing the baby of the natural body warmth.

The positive effects of using a kangaroo sweater are plenty. The "skin on skin "contact has a positive influence on the breathing and the heartbeat, as well as the weight, sleeping pattern and the brain development. Also it stimulates the breastfeeding and the relation between parents and child. All this effects will result in a shorter incubation period.

Although this kangaroo sweater methode is good, it might be uncomfortable for the parent. The mother will be sitting in the waitingroom with an undressed upper body, what can be cold and unpleasant. Breathing tubes will be pasted on the parents body and the parent has to use both hands to keep the baby in the right position.

The Maxima Medical Center will be the first who will using the kangaroo sweater, but there is alot of interest of hospitals. Kangarooing is in worldwide attention because of International Kangaroo care Awareness day

source kraam support online

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