Lawyer in court calling policeman Idiot

Created on Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Breda, The Netherlands

judge hammerA lawyer in Breda has to appear for a policejudge, because he called an policedetective an idiot. The policeman apparently found the word offending, and sued the lawyer.

The public prosecution was not planning to sue the lawyer, but the police man stepped to the court and the complaint was founded. The word idiot fell during an heated discussion between the officer and the lawyer.

Two weeks ago the high council said that in some cases you can call a officer an "ant fucker", depending in what situation it is said.  A man in Enschede filed this case after he got a fine for calling an officer an ant fucker after the officer took away the beercan of the man and threw it in tthe trash.

According the public prosecutor the case of the lawyer has no connections with the case of the beercan man.

source NOS

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