The beginning

Created on Friday, 27 January 2012

Hello dear readers,

There is a new blog on the horizon, and it is called Ericoonline.
Oh, I am imagining that all readers shake their heads and shout : "Oh no not another one!"
Well you are all probably right,...yes another one.
As you can see, the header of my blog is called world to world, and thats what I try to bring to you.
I know there are many sites as this, who will bring news from abroad to your doorstep, but I like blogging and this
idea is running through my head for almost 2 years.

So I decided to set up this site.
Feel free to bookmark it or even mark it as a favourite.
It will be updated as much as possible.
I am quiet a newbie in joomla, so there could be some changes in the future, wether it is the lay out or another
blog programm.
There might be mistakes in my sentences or in my writing of English words.
Well I am from the Netherlands, so I don't speak english in my life next to this blog.
But feel free to correct me, or make suggestions how i can do it better.
I am always eager to learn more.

Ok,..let's begin.
Unfortunately, I have no celebrity to cut a digital ribbon, so you have to do it with this: is online!!


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