War criminal Karel Claas Faber died

Created on Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ingolstadt, Germany

Klaas Carel FaberThe Dutch Nazi Klaas Carel Faber died thursday in the town Ingolstadt in Germany, where he had been living since his escaped in 1952 out a dutch prison. Faber was member of the NSB even befor the war and volunteered for the Waffen SS. He later became the personal bodyguard of Anton Mussert. Karel Claas Faber was member of a murder squadron in the Waffen SS and he is responsible for many deaths.

After the war he was sentenced to death for the killing of 11 people in camp Westerbork and 11 others, but a year later it became a lifesentence. In 1925 Karel Claas Faber escaped  from the prison in Breda and fled to Ingolstadt in Germany. Because he served in the army, he received the German nationality. Germany refuses to extradite nationals, although the Netherlands requested it several times.

Karel Claas Faber lived in Ingostadt free, till his death Thursday at the age of 90 years.


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