Norwegian mass murderer said it was gruesome but nescessary

Created on Monday, 16 April 2012

Oslo , Norway

The Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik said today in court that he is not guilty to terroristic activities, but  acted out of self defence. He admitted detonating the bomb in Oslo and shooting young social demorcrates on the island Utoya  in July 2011, but he does not see this as a crime. The 33 year old Brevik said his actions were  gruesome but nescessary.

He said he wanted to act against the state traitors who allowed multiculturalism and a "Muslim invasion in Europe. Breivic said that he saved Norway for Islamization.

-Breivic was a bit emotional today when they showed his propaganda movie in court. According the laywer of the victims and relatives it was the first time Breivic showed emotions in the courtroom. Virtually the entire session Breivik listened impassively to the words of prosecutors Holden and Inga Bejer Engh. Even when Engh enumerated the long list of Mass murder photo AFPvictims and described how they had come to their end, he looked emotionless in the room

There was alot of commotion at the beginning of the courtsession, when Breivic entered and was released of his hand cuffs, he made a salute with his fist on his chest and then with a forward arm stretched.

-Prosecutors said today that they found no evidence of the existence of a Templar network. Breivik previously claimed a to be a freedom fighter in an extreme right-wing militant group based on a western Christian Templar order who fought in the Crusades against Islam . But the police officers who investigated the allegation, found no traces of the so-called movement and think Breivic operated on his own.

This courtcase is expected to last 2.5 months and is already the longest and most expensive ever in Norwegian court.


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