Whale Stranded

Created on Wednesday, 08 February 2012

Belga sperm whaleHundreds of people went to the beach of Heist to see a whale who was stranded on the beach.
The sperm whale was found on the beach of Heist, near the harbor wall of Zeebrugge. The animal was injured by the stranding and lied in a pool of blood. It was a whale of about ten years old. It was 13.5 meters long and weighed 20 to 30 tons.
The marine mammal died around 10.45 am. At that time the caregivers of Sea Life suggested  that the animal wasn't breathing for more then a half hour. Normally spermwhales can survive for half an hour without breathing.
The sperm whale can be cleared when the sealevel is not rising anymore.There will be scientific research conducted on the cadaver.
This afternoon there is a coordination meeting scheduled with all parties involved to see how the body can be removed. That will probably happen tomorrow in the early morning. The most obvious solution is that the thirty-ton animal is cut into pieces and then transported.
After the authopsy it will be known wether if the mammal was struck by a ship or if it was already ill.
The sperm whale is the largest of all toothed whales. Males are up to 22 meters long and can weigh over 60 tons. Females are much smaller, with a length exceeding 17 meters and a weight of 38 tons. The animals can get more than sixty years old and are found in subtropical and tropical regions of all oceans.

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