Poachers kill Kenya elephant for his ivory

Created on Tuesday, 17 June 2014
Satao, a huge male elephant with tusks to the ground, was slain by poachers in Kenya. The bull, one of the world's largest "big tuskers", was found earlier this month in Tsavo East National Park. He was hit by an poisoned arrow and robbed of his ivory. The Kenya Wildlife Service has just announced the news after two weeks because they wanted to be sure that the carcass found on June 2 was indeed Satao. Certainly The animal was virtually unrecognizable as the poachers cut away half of Sataos head to rob him of his ivory. Satao was recognized for his ears and a scar on his trunk. The death of Satao led to a wave of distressed and angry reactions. In Kenya , one wonders how it is possible that even a elephant is not safe in one of Kenya's most famous parks. The undermanned rangers apparently can not stop the poachers. According to critics, the entire security apparatus is corrupt. The 45-year-old Satao usually kept hidden in a dense part of Tsavo East. He was killed on the southside of the park, where many poachers are active. In May, there were massive rains and the fresh green attracted many elephants, what appeared to be fatal for Satao on May 30.

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